Top Shih Tzu Hair Cuts

Shih Tzu Haircuts

Shih Tzus are most famous for their extraordinary coats thanks to consisting of hair rather than fur. Because the hair can grow long and they shed less than most other breeds, this has led to a considerable number of hairstyles for this remarkable dog.

What follows are consider the top Shih Tzu haircuts and styles. Of course, you will still need to pay special attention to your pooch, especially in terms of brushing the hair regularly and getting it trimmed every four to six weeks.


This is a popular style that is similar to a Puppy Cut in that the hair is kept short around the body. But the hair on the face is trimmed in a manner similar to a lion’s mane. This style is popular not only for its striking look but also because with a pair of clippers it is easy to keep its appearance. This low-maintenance cut is also well-suited for the warmer months of summer.

Shih Tzu Lion cut

Practical Top Knot

This may be the most recognizable type of hairstyle for a Shih Tzu. The top knot pulls the long hair away from its eyes. You can choose from a wide variety of barrettes, ribbons, or clips to keep the hair comfortably on top of the head. The rest of the hair is trimmed, although it is not kept as long as some other popular cuts.

Shih Tzu Top Knot

Shih Tzu Puppy Hair Cut

Often known as the Summer Cut, this is quite common with Shih Tzus during the summer months. The hair is trimmed to about one to two inches all over the body except the face in which the hair remains longer. Many Shih Tzu owners like the Summer Cut because it requires less brushing and maintenance compared to other cuts.

Shih Tzu Puppy Cut

Show Cut, Top Knot

This one is usually reserved for Shih Tzu owners who like to enter their pooches in dog shows. That’s because it is the most striking, but also requires a considerable amount of maintenance. This extremely long style means that the hair flows down past the feet which results in the Shih Tzu appearing to float when it moves. However, it also requires brushing a few times each day to keep tangles from forming.

Shih Tzu Show Cut
Shih Tzu Show Cut

Teddy Bear Hair StyleTeddy Bear Hair Style

This is similar to a Puppy Cut, but the hair is left longer. Around the body, the hair will be two to two and one-half inches long while the hair on the face stays at roughly four inches long. the result is a look that is similar to a teddy bear. It’s not quite as easy to maintain as a Puppy Cut, so you will need to schedule regular trimmings.

Teddy Bear Hair Style

Put simply, if you are not into constantly grooming your Shih Tzu, then a Puppy or Lion cut may be right for you. You may want to ask your dog groomer which type of cut may be best for your Shih Tzu if you are not sure. You’ll need to look over the common haircuts for the dog and select the one that you think works best.

If you decide to cut your Shih Tzu’s hair make sure you know how to use clippers on your dog before you start.

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