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  • Shih Tzu Woman

    6 Benefits of Shih Tzu Ownership for Women

    While a shih tzu is a wonderful pet for men as well, for women there are definite benefits to having them around your home. What follows are six reasons why shih tzus are beneficial for women, especially those who live on their own. Emotional Boost Being a woman means having estrogen in your system which […] More

  • Lessons We Can Learn from Shih Tzus

    Six Lessons We Can Learn from Shih Tzus

    Shih Tzus offer love, companionship, and many wonderful memories. But they are also teachers as well, providing valuable lessons to pet owners that will be cherished and appreciated for the rest of our lives. What follows are six valuable lessons we can learn from these small creatures. All Dogs are the Same Whether your shih […] More

  • Missing Shih Tzu

    Woman Finds Missing Shih Tzu after Six Years

    For six years, Virginia Bell of Manatee County wondered about the fate of her escaped dog Spanky after he escaped from her backyard in 2014. One of the actions that Bell took was posting the news about her dog on “Lost and Found Pets 941”, a Facebook page where lost pets are reported and discovered. […] More

  • Shih Tzu with Cancer Bucket List

    Shih Tzu with Cancer goes on Bucket List Road Trip with Owner

    Zanna Canavan was determined to make the final days of her dog Charlie as memorable as possible. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that was inoperable, Zanna decided to take her Shih Tzu on a road trip across the beautiful countryside near her home in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. The road trip would allow Zanna […] More

  • Shih Tzu High Way Chase

    Video: Shih Tzu safe after 7-minute chase on High way

    Astro, a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix, created quite a scene in Washington DC recently as he bolted down the I-495 expressway. Fortunately, apart from hurting the pads in his paws, the dog is fine and back with his owner. What made the chase even more notable, at least according to Don Yingling, a Montgomery Fire and […] More