Six Lessons We Can Learn from Shih Tzus

Lessons We Can Learn from Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus offer love, companionship, and many wonderful memories. But they are also teachers as well, providing valuable lessons to pet owners that will be cherished and appreciated for the rest of our lives. What follows are six valuable lessons we can learn from these small creatures.

All Dogs are the Same

Whether your shih tzu was purchased at a pet store or from a pet breeder, a gift from a friend, or rescued from trash heap, they are all shih tzus. No matter their background, once a shih tzu becomes your pet, they become yours just like any other dog. This means that you should create a new present and future for your shih tzu and not focus on the past.

Getting Fat

Even shih tzus can become fat which means you have to take special care of them and yourself as well. By feeding them the correct amount of food and providing enough exercise and activity for the day, you can help keep your shih tzu healthy. Plus, you will lower the chances that your shih tzu suffers from heart disease, strokes, Type 2 diabetes, and other life-shortening issues.

And just like shih tzus, you can benefit from eating right and exercising as well.


Just as no two people are alike, no two shih tzus are alike either. This not only means that you should praise your shih tzu for the attributes they display, you should not compare them to dogs you have owned in the past. Just as people do not like to be compared to others, so too do shih tzus love their individuality.


Does it seem that your shih tzu knows when you are about to feed them, take them for a walk, or engage in play well before it happens? It’s not ESP, although nothing can be totally ruled out, but instead your shih tzu uses their eyes to catch your traits and habits. They recognize when something is about to happen and interpret your behavior over time.

Solving Puzzles

What keeps our shih tzus young at heart also works for people as well. Simple puzzles and games that you play with your shih tzu provides a valuable lesson for us as well. By putting food into the toys they love to play with is akin to us putting together a jigsaw puzzle. By exercising the mind, we reduce boredom and replace it with wonder and joy. 


Everyone loves treats. But too many of them can have a bad effect on your health. The same is true for your shih tzu, so be sure to cut up a treat into small pieces that can be enjoyed one at a time. If you want to benefit more from your treats, cut them down as well so that you savor the moment. You’ll not only love your treats for what they are, they will not add any excess weight to your body. The same is true for your shih tzu.

The lessons you learn from owning a shih tzu provide valuable insight not only into the relationship you have with your dog, but with others in your life as well. By heeding the lessons that shih tzus are trying to teach us, we become better people as a result.


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