Using Clippers for Grooming Your Shih Tzu

Using Dog Clippers for Grooming Your Shih Tzu

Taking your dog for a grooming session every now and then can be a little heavy on the pocket sometimes. This is because professional pet grooming salons invest a lot of products and time in making your dog feel comfortable and good, hence the price. You can opt to groom your pet yourself as well, so professional grooming is left for special occasions. The following are some ways you can use dog clippers while grooming your dog.

  1. Be Careful Not to Pull Hair

Dog Clippers should always be sharp and should be purchased good quality so that they do not rust quickly and create rough cutting. Sharp clippers will cut the hair without any discomfort and tugging so that the hair is not pulled at any point during the grooming session.

  • Clip in the Right Direction

Always clip the dog’s hair in the right direction. This will enable smooth growth of the hair and induce a natural coat for the dog. Dog hair is very unique because they change their directions according to body parts, which is why you need to change directions with the flow.

  • Learn About Your Shih Tzu’s Coat

 When you have made up your mind about grooming your dog yourself, it is a wise advice to take your dog for one last professional grooming session so that you can carefully observe the process, things to keep in mind, how long the hair should be where, how to avoid contacting skin and knowing the specific requirement of your Shih Tzu’s Coat for a professionally groomed look at home.

  • Get the Right Blade

There are different blades for different types of coats, which is why you need to research and test what blade would suit your Shih Tzu best. Dog clipping can be hard for hairy dogs for which you need multiple sharp blades however, for short dogs, you can use a single blade to transform your Shih Tzu.

  • Learn About the Preferred Looks for Your Shih Tzu

Make sure to research the latest and preferred looks for your dogs’ breed. There are certain dog clipping styles that are limited only to specific breeds, so researching beforehand will save you from trouble. For instance, your Shih Tzu have challenging dog clipping coats so their grooming by your hand or by the professional would vary to a large extent. Also, they are specific to t1heir styles. Not all dogs can rock Shih Tzu’s signature look with cute long hairs and a fluffy cut.

  • Be Careful to Check if the Clippers are Not Hot

Always remember to check your dogs’ clippers if they are hot. Check their temperature beforehand by turning them off regularly. If by chance, the dog clippers are too hot, you can either use a coolant or a lubricant, switch to another clipper in case you have an extra. Other than this, you can also put the blade onto metal for fast absorption of heat.

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