Shih Tzu Sleeping Patterns

Shih Tzu Sleeping

If you’re a dog owner, you know that dogs have different sleeping patterns than humans do. This can be confusing for some owners, especially those who are used to their own sleep cycles and routines. Shih tzu dogs are no different in this respect; they have their own unique sleeping patterns that set them apart from other breeds. So what time should you wake up your Shih Tzu? Where does he or she go when they nap all day long? And why do these dogs sleep so much anyway? We’ve got answers—and tips on how to manage your dog’s daily schedule—below!

Shih Tzu dogs are small, and their sleeping patterns reflect that.

These dogs sleep a lot! In fact, they sleep more than other breeds and even more than humans.

How Long Do Shih Tzus Sleep?

Shih Tzus sleep for about 12 hours a day. They tend to sleep more at night than during the day, but the amount of time they spend sleeping can vary depending on age and weather conditions.

Puppies are known for their active natures, so it’s not surprising that they also require more rest than mature dogs do. Newborn Shih Tzus need at least 16 hours of sleep each day; this number drops to 14 by six months of age, and then continues decreasing until adulthood (when it reaches 12 hours).

Why Do Shih Tzu’s Sleep so Much?

The answer, in large part, lies in their size. As a breed that has been bred to be small and docile (and thus easy to carry around), they have a higher metabolism than other dogs of similar size. This means they need more calories per pound than larger breeds do–and therefore require more restful sleep. In addition to this metabolic need for restful sleep and recovery time between outings, Shih Tzus are also very active by nature; they love running around outside and playing with their owners! It’s important for them not only to get enough exercise but also sufficient rest afterwards so they don’t become tired or overworked from all their activities throughout the day.

Another reason why Shih Tzus tend toward long naps may be due in part because of their short muzzle length–a trait inherited from wild ancestors such as wolves or foxes–which makes it harder for these little guys’ breathing process during sleep time since there isn’t much room inside their nose cavity for air circulation (this means less oxygen entering through nostrils). The result is often snoring noises coming out from deep within their chest cavity while sleeping soundly beside us on our bed at night!


Shih tzu dogs are a special breed, and their sleeping patterns reflect that. They’re known for being easygoing, affectionate animals that enjoy spending time with their owners. If you own a shih tzu or are considering getting one as a pet, then these tips can help make sure they get enough rest.

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