Letting Your Shih Tzu Sleep in Your Bed? Here’s How to Do It Safely

Letting Your Shih Tzu Sleep in Your Bed

If you have just acquired a shih tzu puppy, then the transition from the warm companionship of their littermates to a cold crate can be shocking. Under such circumstances, it makes sense to allow your shih tzu at least a few nights of warm comfort before you start their crate training.

Of course, it is true for any puppy to feel sad, lonely, and whimper throughout the night. While most puppies will recover, the transition time can be a scary one. For puppies that are eight to eleven weeks old, the trauma may last a lifetime. This is why you should consider letting your little shih tzu pup sleep with you at least for the first few days to ease the transition process.

How to Let Your Shih Tzu Sleep with You

Admittedly, having a puppy in the bed is not going to be a comfortable experience for you. Apart from the small fear of rolling over onto the puppy, there is also the mess associated as puppies have yet to obtain full control of their bladder and bowels. Although the mess might be small, it’s never fun to have to clean that up.

So, the best compromise is to create a warm, comfortable, and secure area for your shih tzu to sleep. One way is to purchase a small cushy bed that you can place towels inside to create a warm atmosphere. You can even partially cover the bed to create a stronger sense of warmth for your shih tzu.

If a bed is not the answer for you, then a few towels, old blankets, and the like which creates a circle of warmth at the foot of your bed may be the answer. They are still near you and may want to cuddle with you, but they have a place of their own. Do not be surprised if you wake up with a shih tzu in your face as this is how they are used to sleeping.

Keep in mind that at some point your shih tzu will need to sleep on their own. As they mature, they will soon explore the surrounding area and find places of comfort. The process is not unlike going from toddlers to children to teens as they explore the world around them.

Moving from Your Bed to Theirs

At some point, you will have to remove the shih tzu from your bed at night. Creating their own place to sleep will provide them with a place they feel comfortable. For crate training purposes, you should put in plenty of towels, old blankets, and even leave the top off the crate to provide additional comfort.

The transition process is never easy, but if you want a housetrained shih tzu, then it is a necessary step. It will not be easy, but once they are crate trained your shih tzu will become comfortable living in your home and memories of their siblings will soon fade into the distance.

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