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Your shih tzu may present some challenges, but one of the more annoying is discovering that your pooch may be a picky eater. Sometimes this is a natural trait, but sometimes this is brought on by situations in the home. What follows are a few tips that can help provide your shih tzu with the proper nutrition while lessening the chances they become picky eaters.

High Calorie Treats

If you were to load up on candy before supper, how much would you want to eat supper? The same goes for your shih tzu when you feed them too many treats during the day. A treat should be infrequent and given only when you want to encourage the proper behavior.

There are low calorie treats available as well that will satisfy their taste without filling them up. Using popcorn that is air-popped or snap peas will do. Plus, dried dog food that is broken apart to make tiny treats will work as well.

Feed Them the Recommended Amount

All too often shih tzu owners will overfeed their dogs. You will want to keep them fed at the recommended levels for their size. This means measuring out how much they eat and feeding them at the appropriate times. It is a balancing act, but once you set a routine your shih tzu will most likely follow it.

Expiration Date

Just like when milk passes its expiration date, so too will dog food spoil when it passes that time. Even if the bag is properly stored, the food inside can still begin to break apart and decay. This means that you should purchase dog food in sufficient quantities to have it handy, but not so much that it will spoil before your shih tzu can eat it.

Improper Storage

Just as people do not like the taste of food that has been spoiled, so too do shih tzus not like the taste. Buying too much food and not properly storing it means that it may turn rancid or stale. There are some things you can do to help keep the dog food fresh.

  • Store it in a cool, dry place
  • Keep it in an air-tight container
  • Only open the bag or container when you are feeding your shih tzu

Food that goes bad will taste bad to your shih tzu, so be sure that you are keeping the food fresh.

Stick to Affordable Brands

Admittedly, we all fall for the advertising of some new brand that looks delicious. Well, it may be delicious, but it’s also quite expensive when it is boutique brands of dog food. A boutique brand may make for treats, but once you decide not to pay the expensive prices, you may find that your shih tzu is reluctant to go back to the cheaper dog food.

However, cheaper dog food does not have to lack taste. Be sure to purchase dog food that meets the standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Plus, you may want to prepare the dog food yourself if you can provide the proper balance of nutrition and calories.

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