15 Simple and Effective Steps to Raise Your Puppy

Raising Shih Tzu Puppy

Congratulations! You now have a puppy to raise. And while there will be much joy and happiness in your household, there are also responsibilities you will need to address. What follows are 15 effective steps towards raising your puppy the right way.

Visit with the Vet

Going to the vet is a great way to get started. The exam will disclose any issues that your puppy may have. Plus, you will get proper health instructions on how to care for your new puppy, their nutritional requirements, vaccinations, de-worming, and other possible issues. You may also discuss having your puppy spayed or neutered, but the most important thing is to ensure their basic health.

Check the Home

Before setting your puppy loose inside your home, check it out thoroughly so that they cannot reach poisons, stick their nose in electrical sockets, and getting rid of all other hazards.


Provide your puppy with the right bed for sleeping. Plus, find the right place so they can sleep with as few interruptions as possible.


Kids and puppies go together like peanut butter and jelly. But remember to teach your kids how to respect and handle the puppy. You do not want any misunderstandings to happen.


You’ll be happy to have crate training to help your puppy understand the rules of the home. You can purchase one or build one as long as it is big enough for them.


You’ll need to know what and when to feed them. Which is why your vet is a good source. Plus, any additions to their diet such as vitamin supplements or foods outside of dog food.


Taking care of your puppy the right way means having proper grooming products that keep them clean and neat. Add in a few toys and you’ll have one happy puppy.


As your puppy grows, so too does their needs change. You will need to be aware that puppies grow at different rates, so be watchful and anticipate their upcoming needs.


This is not the most pleasant of activities, but the alternative even less desired. You will need to be firm and consistent until your puppy understands where to go when they need to eliminate waste.

House Training

As puppies grow, they can pick up on more things that you teach them. Their behavior around the house is one of them. Depending on the puppy, such training may take longer or be fairly quick.

Next-Door Neighbors

If you have people living on either side of you, let them know you have a puppy. This will be helpful if the puppy should escape, so the neighbors can be careful when pulling into their driveway.


This type of training helps your puppy understand basic commands. Start with ones that are the easiest for your puppy to learn.


There are certain products that you will need for your puppy beyond the ones mentioned already.

  • Bed, Leash, and Collar
  • Treats, Toys, and Food
  • Identification, Water Bowl, and Crate or Containment Box


Taking your puppy out for a walk is an adventure they will enjoy. Just be sure they are on a leash.

Other Requirements

As your vet about any other requirements your puppy may have. As this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you and your puppy.  

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