10 Fun Games to Play with Your Shih Tzu

Fun Games

Playing games with your shih tzu can keep them healthy both mentally and physically. This is particularly true when you play new games with them. Here are ten games that are perfect for your shih tzu to play.

Agility Challenge

You’ve seen them on TV at dog shows and events. And, you can make one in your backyard or set one up in your living room. Running through an agility course will keep your shih tzu active and happy.

Digging Boxes

You can find one at the pet store or build one from scrap wood. It lets your shih tzu dig in a place that doesn’t damage your yard. Just be sure to put a lid on it if you have cats, otherwise it becomes a litter box.

Find the Treats

Who doesn’t love finding treats? This is an easy one as you keep your shih tzu in the “stay” position as you lay out the treats in hiding spots. This lets they use their sniffing abilities and rewards them when they find a treat.

Flirt Stick

This is a pole with a rope secured to one end. The rope can be used to lure your shih tzu into chasing it. This is great exercise, but it also helps them learn command such as “let go” which can come in handy when they put something in their mouths that they shouldn’t.


Chasing a frisbee is almost universal with dogs, even shih tzus. You may want to use a smaller frisbee that is softer so they can grab it easier with their teeth. But they will get plenty of exercise while having fun.

Hide & Seek

This is a fun game for your shih tzu to play as they try to find you. It improves their sniffing abilities and the reward of finding you will be even better when you give treats.

Soap Bubbles

Arguably the cheapest way to entertain your shih tzu, blowing soap bubbles for them to chase will bring hours of fun. Just be sure to use a non-toxic bubble maker and wipe their faces to prevent any eye irritation.

Toys that Dispense Food

You can find these in your local pet store. These are fun toys that dispense food which encourages your shih tzu’s scavenging skills. This is a great toy for shih tzus that get anxious when you leave for work.

Tug of War

An old favorite, all you need is a tug toy or tough rag or towel and you are off. Just remember that some shih tzus can get really into the war part of the tugging, so be sure to calm them down if they get too riled up. 

Water Games

Hit the beach, a doggie pool, or set up a backyard pool for some water entertainment. You can find floating dog toys at your local pet store. Just be sure to keep an eye on your shih tzu as they play in the water.

Make some time each day to play with your shih tzu. It will be fun for them and you as they stay healthy and active all their lives.

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