Tips to Make Your Shih Tzu Love Bath Time

Shih Tzu is a very common breed of dogs that are pets by so many people around the world. These dogs are small, furry and they love to play and bath. However, there are always exceptions to this because not every dog likes to get wet and some even run away from bathing. The following are some tips you can utilize to develop the interest of your dog in bathing.

  1. Take Your Shih Tzu for a Walk

Dogs love to spend time outside, go for a walk and observe things around. Usually, after they have returned from a walk or finished playing outside, they feel hot and exhausted which can be a good time to bathe your dog.

  • No Haste in Bathing

Think of bathing time for your dog as a bonding time for both of you. Try not to rush the process rather make things comfortable for your dog and handle the bathing with care so your dog can relax, and you don’t have to control him repeatedly while bathing.

  • Bring Your Dog’s Favorite Toys

For some dogs, you must make bathing fun. And the only way it can be fun for them is if they see it as a time to play with some of their toys or eat a snack while doing so. Make bath time for your dog playtime; this will make your dog love bathing!

  • Invite your Dog’s Friend for a Bath

For some dogs, seeing another one of their friends (other dogs) can be a boost to their confidence and make their fear of water less. If your dog is social, it can be a great idea to bath two or three dogs together so that they can have a fun time.

  • Check the Temperature of the Water

Make sure to keep the perfect temperature of water; observe the first few times to see what kind of water your dog prefers. Sometimes, what is suitable for us might not be preferred by your dog. Keep it lukewarm, hot water can shock your dog.

  • Start Bathing when Your Shih Tzu is Young

Try developing the habit of bathing your dog at an early age. At early age, just like babies, they are open to adopting new habits and at this time any fear of water can also be overcome. Help your dog in learning to love bathing, love your dog, be gentle and let your puppy play with water so that they love bathing.

  • Start small

Another one of the great ideas is to start little by little for your dog to love bathing. Add less water into a tub, start by just wetting the feet of the dog. Gradually move to the legs. Make this process very slow so its almost unnoticeable because letting him directly splash into the water can be a huge shock to the dog at first. Make your dog comfortable first so that he loves bathing every time.

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