How to Properly Bathe Your Shih Tzu

Bathing Your Shih Tzu

For all dog owners, they know the pain of bathing dogs in real which is completely opposite of how we see in movies and advertisements. Not all dogs are the same, in fact, the majority of them do not like bathing at all. But you have to develop the habit of keeping your dog healthy and clean. The following are some tips on how can you bather your dog the right way.

  1. Treat and Train

Try to train your dog for bathing at first. Let them settle in an empty tub at first, spend time there and reward them with a treat or a toy afterward to develop the habit of staying in a bathtub. Next, try adding less water. Repeat this a lot of times so that your dog is comfortable and if it’s not, it adjusts itself to earn the reward. You can let this habit go on until the habit is strongly developed in your Shih Tzu, and then eliminate the reward factor slowly as well.

  • Cover their Ears

Dogs hate it when water enters their ears. Remember to take care of the part where you must cover their ears during the bathing process. This is also important because sometimes, water entering their ears can even result in health issues as well. You can stuff cotton balls, get earbuds for your Shih Tzu’s ears so that it may not be comfortable.

  • Use a Gentle Shampoo

Shih Tzu are one of the very friendly breeds. They are small and furry, so try using a good and gentle shampoo with them. Sometimes, the shampoo does not suit their fur which can cause them to scratch their sin because of dryness. Pick a good and gentle shampoo so that it does not dry out your dog’s skin. In case there is any allergic reaction to using a shampoo for your dog, take your dog to the vet immediately without any delay.

  • Start Bathing Your Dog from Neck Down

When you have taken care of your dog’s ears, remember to also keep their eyes and mouth safe from soap and sudden splashes of water. You can do this by washing your dog from neck down or spraying your dog to wet it. There are also special sprayers for dogs as well. When you are done with the dog’s body, you can use a damp cloth to clean its face.

  • Dry Your Shih Tzu Gently with Care

Most people use dog blow dryers to dry their Shih Tzu. This not only creates a lot of noise but can result in a lot of heat on their fur and can also burn their skin. Go for traditional drying through towel, so that the hair is not affected by heat and skin is not burnt. There are special dog absorbent towels as well so you can get it easily from any pet store. Gently dry your dog’s skin or let it dry naturally to avoid any burnt skin, allergies or hair fall due to blow-drying.

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