Would Your Solo Shih Tzu Benefit from a Sibling?

Would Your Solo Shih Tzu Benefit from a Sibling?

The thought of leaving your shih tzu alone at home for hours at a time is not an appealing one. Even if the shih tzu seems fine, being alone is something that bothers many humans, so they believe their dogs should have companions as well.

If you have seen signs that your shih tzu needs some type of companionship, you can foster a dog which is a great way solution.

Attributes of a Sibling

In the canine world of companionship, there are dominant shih tzus and submissive shih tzus. It is generally best to match a dominant dog with a submissive one. This is because having two dominant dogs is going to create some issues. Of course, you will not know until the dogs have been together for a while, but this is an important attribute to keep in mind.

Another is grooming needs. Having two shih tzus with extensive grooming needs is going to be a bigger handful than having just one. So, you will need to decide how to handle such matters when you foster a dog. Again, finding out as much information as possible will help you make the best-informed decision. But remember that you will not truly know until after the dog has been with you for a while.


As with human relationships, the personality of one dog can change when they are in the presence of another. This type of chemistry is important because it helps both dogs get along. When you foster a dog, you will want them to have enough time to establish their roles and see just how well their personalities mesh.

In many cases if you give the dogs enough time, they will fall into respective roles that compliment each other. This means that if one of them is doing something the other does not like, then they will let them know about it. This is where you can find out if both dogs are dominant as arguments and fights are likely to occur.

What If It Fails?

Not all dogs can get along. Plus, there may be unforeseen issues that prevents you from taking care of more than one dog at a time. You will need to give a relationship enough time for it to work out, but if after a month or so things are not getting any better, then it may be time to find another dog.

That is why fostering a dog which provides you with temporary custody is so important. If thing do not work out, you can return the dog and find another. It’s not going to be easy, but it is better than being stuck with a dog that deep down you know does not belong in your home.

Fostering a dog is a great way to find out if they are perfect for your shih tzu. The dog you get does not have to be the same breed, but it is helpful if they are roughly the same size so they can interact better. Also, remember to have your dogs spayed or neutered if you do not plan to breed them.


  1. we bought two at the same time .Brother & sister and they are good company for one another

  2. I have a 10-year old spayed female rescue that I am looking for a playmate for. Where can I find shih tzus to foster in Manitoba, Canada with the intent of adopting? Mine is crossed with something so very small.

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