First 30 Days with a New Puppy

Shih Tzu Puppy

There is really no feeling like the first time you get a new puppy. The joy, happiness, and discovery are wonderful feelings that you will savor for a long time. However, there does come the realization that you will have to take care of your new puppy. And that might bring a little fear and anticipation. After all, what do you do now?

Make the Puppy Comfortable

The first step is taking your puppy home. It may be a short car ride or a long flight. Whatever the case may be, this is the time to introduce your puppy to its new crate. Crate training is essential if you want to keep your puppy indoors and properly housetrained. Be sure to put in a comfortable towel, t-shirt- or other soft fabric that they can rest on. Plus, stock the crate with treats that they will enjoy. The more you can make your puppy comfortable, the better off they will be.

Start Potty Training Quickly

In fact, when you bring the puppy to your home, allow the puppy to relieve himself on the yard before going inside. Just like babies, puppies have yet to develop the ability to control their bladders or bowels, so when they need to go, they will do so right away. That’s why you let them go outside before bringing them inside.

Take your puppy outside after they have eaten and about fifteen minutes after you have played with them. This will help get them on the right track in terms of potty training.

Crate Time

With all the excitement, your puppy may be even more overwhelmed than you. Let them spend a little time in their crate before taking them out and playing with them inside the house. It does not have to be a long time, but just enough to let them get used to the crate. After all, this will be their home for a while.

Along with the crate time, let your puppy explore a bit on their own. This will help them calm down and keep them on an even keel. Well, as even as possible given all the excitement. It will also help you to calm down and understand the responsibilities along with the fun involved in caring for your new puppy.

Visit with the Vet

It’s best to have your puppy see the vet within a couple of days of bringing them home. This will help protect you in case the puppy does suffer from a serious condition that may not be seen at first. You should be able to return the puppy from a proper seller if something is seriously wrong. But if everything is okay, then you should schedule a visit with the vet at regular intervals. 

A new puppy can be a real handful, but they are also a bundle of joy. Be sure to balance your excitement with the right approach that will help the puppy ease their transition to your home. 

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