Female Shih Tzu Names: 7 Catchy Names

Female Shih tzu Names

Are you looking for unique and catchy names for your adorable female Chinese breed also known as Shih Tzu? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, you’ll be provided with a list of names that you can choose from that suits your female Shih Tzu best.

However, before we do that, there are things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to naming your female Shih Tzu. Many people tend to pick names without considering specific facts about their pet and whether the name they picked out for their pet matches well with its personality, appearance, etc.

This causes them to want to change the name when it doesn’t suit their pet which can be irritating and also cause their pet to have difficulty in responding to their owner because it doesn’t recognize its name.

That’s why you must do lots of research about your pet before deciding on its name. You should not only find out everything that you need to know about only the breed but also about the Shih Tzu breeders before picking out a name.

Without any more delay, let’s move on to the names that are suitable and unique for your female Shih Tzu:

1.    Bella

If your female Shih Tzu is a curious little pup, who has a taste for adventure with an energetic personality, can make logical decisions quickly, and is very protective of her family members, then this is the perfect name for her. Shih Tzus who are named Bella are also very responsible and very reliable.

Bella is an old-fashioned but elegant name that gives off a pleasant feeling. This name translates to “beautiful” in many languages such as Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, and Greek as well. Bella is a name that’s quite flexible and is suitable for all dog breeds because it doesn’t focus much on appearance. It’s also one of the most popular names for female Shih Tzu breeds.

2.    Lucy

The name Lucy is of English and Latin provenance which means “light” or “Bringer of Light.” It’s suitable for dogs that have an affectionate personality and are bright, and sharp. They’re also quite headstrong, despite their non-threatening and adorable appearance.

Dogs that go by this name are also extremely friendly, goofy, protective, and have a neat appearance. This name is just the right fit for your female Shih Tzu, especially if its personality matches this description.

The name Lucy is the 2nd most popular for female Shih Tzu dogs, this name is also known as the name for spoiled dogs as they’re given so much attention and love.

3.    Zoe

Female Shih Tzu dogs that are energetic, smart, independent, and very lively, deserve a name that suits their personality. The most suitable one for them is Zoe. This is because it has Greek roots and translates to “Life” is not just Greek but also French, which is perfect for a dog that is always lively. It’s also a very trendy name.

Shih Tzu dogs with this name are also natural-born leaders and are very attentive to everything around them while being very social. They’re also sometimes described as quiet, understanding, caring, and observant.

4.    Daisy

Daisy is the perfect name for a female Shih Tzu that is affectionate and a total sweetheart. This name translates to “Day’s eye” and it comes from an old English word. Female Shih Tzus that are given this name are also very clever and stubborn.

It’s also a plus that this name is a flower which adds to the beauty of the name itself. They may enjoy playtime, but there’s nothing that they’ll enjoy more than nap time. These dogs also tend to be more on the quiet side and aren’t a fan of being as active as most dogs.

While most female Shih Tzus will be seen playing around, this Shih Tzu can be found peacefully napping in her crate. It is also better to look out for dog crate replacement that can be used to train your dog, provide a place for them to rest and relax, and keep them safe and secure when you are away. The Shih Tzus that are named Daisy are seen as mood makers as well.

5.    Lola

This is a Spanish name that translates to “Strong woman” or “Lady of Sorrows.” The name Lola  is given to female Shih Tzus that are very well-behaved, loyal and considerate. They’re easy to work with during training sessions.  Despite their shy and reserved nature they’re also quite affectionate and have a happy-go-lucky personality.

This female Shih Tzu loves to be surrounded by her family members and get showered with their love and affection. They’re very loyal to their respectful owners and will jump at the chance to please them at any moment of the day.

6.    Chloe

Chloe is a Greek name meaning “Blooming,” “Fertility,” or “Young Green Bud,” it translates to young shoots of foliage in the spring season. This came from the many names of the Greek Goddess of Agriculture Demeter.

Shih Tzus that have this name have a sophisticated personality. They’re intelligent, quick thinkers, and have a calm aura surrounding them. Don’t let this fool you though, they’re also quite loving towards their owners and want to do their best to satisfy them.

7.    Sophie

Sophie is the best name choice for female Shih Tzus that are compassionate, playful, talented, and even iron-willed. The name traces back to a Greek origin, and translates to “Wisdom,” “Insight,” and “Intelligence.”

Female Shih Tzus who bear this name are known to be fast learners and can pick up a new trick easily. They don’t give in easily to quitting until they master a difficult trick.

Moreover, these Shih Tzus love to spend time with their family members and are faithful. However, they can be quite territorial over many things when it comes to sharing.

Conclusion for Female Shih Tzu Names

Choosing a name for your Shih Tzu can become a difficult chore as there are so many names to choose from. Which name should you choose? This can be made easier by identifying the key traits your dog has.

If your Shih Tzu is a quick learner who is lively and caring, then ‘Bella,’ ‘Chloe,’ and ‘Zoe’ are amazing girl name choices for your dog. Shih Tzus that are strong-willed, loyal, and smart, can be named ‘Lucy’ or ‘Sophie.’ Besides, ‘Daisy’ and ‘Lola’ are a perfect fit for those dogs that have calm and well-groomed personalities.

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