4 Reasons Why You Should Not Put Your Shih Tzu in Your Car Front Seat

Front Seat

It’s a common sight to see dogs with their heads out the window as they ride in the front seats of vehicles. This is not surprising since dogs are considered part of the family. But no matter the reasoning, it is never a good idea to have your dog ride in the front seat. What follows are four reasons why your dog should remain in the back seat when driving your vehicle.


They are called accidents because they can happen at any time even if no one is at fault. Accidents are most often never anticipated, and anyone not secured in their seat is far more vulnerable to being injured or worse. That includes your dog who is far less safe in the front seat compared to the back. By keeping your dog secure in the back seat, they are less likely to be injured.


There is little question that airbags save lives. By preventing the driver and front-seat passenger from colliding with the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield during an accident, serious injuries and worse have been avoided.

However, airbags are designed to stop people who are strapped in thanks to their seat belts. They are not designed for pets. Because dogs tend to take a considerably lower position in the front seat or if their heads are out the window, the airbag may do more harm than good. The shock and surprise of a collision combined with the sudden inflation of an airbag might do some serious harm to your dog if they are in the front seat.


Many dogs love to travel in the car and can get excited. This often means that they may try to interact with you when sitting in the front seat. A happy dog is also a distracting dog which means that you might take your eyes off the road. Even if you keep your eyes on the road, petting or playing with your dog is still enough of a distraction that you may not notice something important while driving which may lead to an accident.

Everything is Better in the Back Seat

Keeping your dog in the back seat offers considerably more protection and comfort for your pooch. They have the room to spread out and they are protected to a far greater extent thanks to being behind the front seats. Although a head-on collision will result in anyone in the back seat including dogs being propelled forward, the front seats may act as a barrier. Plus, they can be better secured in the seats if needed if you want to keep them positioned behind the front seats.

Protecting your dog when driving starts by keeping them in the back seat. Whether driving alone or with your family or friends, take the steps necessary to keep the dog in the back seat. Even if they are not secured to the seat, you have considerably improved their chances of survival and avoiding serious injury when you keep them in the back seat.

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